My name is Urs Boeschenstein.

I was born way back in the last century, in 1935. My memories go back to when I was four years old. I remember the churchbells ringing when the Second Worldwar broke out, September 1939.

We visited my father in his "peaceful" Swiss military service when I was five years old. They dressed me up as a soldier and I simply hated it. See me here with a frozen smile. A very bad early communication strategy, which resulted in feeling insecure.

There were many other such un-useful early "engrams" that I had to learn to change. First attempts - with psychotherapy, when I was in my 20s - miserably failed.

A talking cure simply did not help to overcome my deep mistrust. I had never learnt to deal with AUTHORITY.(sorry to interrupt your reading: but DO click on link above when you have finished scrolling through my "sad" story.)


I was always afraid I would not be good enough. And I didn't like it. It took me many years of the following sixty years of my existence to overcome this: I DONT LIKE IT!

Probably the most difficult task to learn in my life was to accept it as it is - Hic et Nunc - here and now. I learnt it on a long pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella. A Spanish poet, Antonio Machado, taught me:

Caminante, no hay camino
Se hace camino al andar!

I learnt that I always have time to enjoy the present - Tengo tiempo! I have also learnt that LEARNING - socalled "permament learning" - helped me to deal with my depressive moods.Learning to learn - or what Gregory Bateson called Learning II - is the best way to deal with life's daily problems!

At the age of six years I started school. My firstgrade teacher was convinced that the proper way to write was with the right hand. And I was a lefthander!! He hit us over the knuckles to teach us the proper way. 

This picture was taken when I was six years old, the time I was taught the 4R's with the help of Mr. Benz' ruler. I did not enjoy life much in that period.

A very unhappy adolescence followed. My father's religious conversion to strict baptism made me into a bad sinner. It took me years to overcome early religous imprint: I AM A SINNER AND LIVE IN A SINFUL WORLD.

Most of what I learnt in the first twenty years of my life made me deeply mistrust my own value. I suffered from what Freudians called "Minderwertigkeits-Komplex".


Only in the last thirty years did I learn to deal with RELIGION. I threw all Christian teaching overboard and came to believe that the purpose of our lives is what the BUDDHA taught:


Towards the end of last century, in the 1990s, brain research made reprogramming possible. Human brains are amazingly plastic and capable of learning new skills. We can even teach ourselves to see the world differently. 
I learnt to smile happily. I taught myself to enjoy life. And - the most difficult learning task of all - I learnt to believe that I am good enough.

All of this without the the need to find my purpose in life in a belief in a spiritual transcendent world. In my imagagination of the world there are not two separate realms, one material and one spiritual.These concepts are the inventions of powerful thinkers 3500 years ago whose cultural environment was very different from ours. Their dualism - heaven and earth - is no longer a valid idea.

We need creative new ideas: The Universe is a Process. A process which we can't comprehend, yet live. To be alive in this everchanging process is happiness.

I learnt to be content with the help of modern science and uptodate Neuro-Philosophy and Network-Philosophy. Many texts about BRAIN DEVELOPMENT,  CONSCIOUSNESS,  COGNITION can be found in my textcollection. Whenever I get hooked on a new book I scan the important chapters. You can click through this collection under TEXTE. I believe that cognitive science has been able to solve a good number of riddles that plague us humans. From new theories of PSYCHOLOGY, LINGUISTICS, NEUROLINGUISTICS, COGNITIVE SCIENCE and COMMUNICATION we can learn to live a happier life. boe_sprache.html

I still have problems in life. The most important one is the problem to organise my "knowledge". I am trying to build a NETWORK OF IDEAS. Some fundamental ideas you will find under the heading BASICS.

All my personal experience in the sixty years of my self-conscious existence lead me to the conclusion, that we humans can learn to be HAPPY.

Ein Gedankenweg: Offene Weite - Nichts von Heilig.

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