In the course of the last fifty years I have recorded radio and TV programmes and also a number of Longplay records.

Some of this material I have collected here.

The earliest recordings date back to 1964 and 1966 when I did my first TV show (together with Hanspeter Treichler). Our first program was called "STRAMPEDEMI". Its titlesong is a "Lanzknechtlied" - a song of the Swiss mercenary soldiers that fought for the pope in Italy in the 16th century.


From 1966-1972 I was a program editor at RADIO ZÜRICH, the Zürich Studio of the SWISS RADIO CORPORATION. You will find some of my earliest recordings of Swiss and international folksongs in my 1960-1970 Archives.

From 1972-1979 I wrote and composed my own songs. I was a "Liedermacher", a songmaker. I performed in small theatres all over Europe,
in Switzerland, Germany, France and England. I also recorded some of my songs for Radio and Television.
You can click through some recordings in 1970-80 Archives.

In 1979 I started to play medieval instruments: hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes, threehole pipes, rebec, fiddle, citern, mandora, tambourin. I tried to revive songs and music of the minstrels, troubadours and minnesingers. Some of my 13th century repertoire you will find in 1980-90 Archives .

In 2000, at the age of 65years, I had to stop playing concerts. My hearing is no longer what it used to be, I felt ill at ease with hearing aids.
I now play music on my computer. You can find some of my latest compositions under the heading FRACTAL MUSIC.

You will find texts on music and composition with the computer in MUSIC-TEXTS

Medieval Music