Mark Buchanan
Small Worlds and the Groundbreaking Science of Networks

W.W.Norton 2002

pg 12

" The purpose of science is to find meaningful simplicity in the midst of disorderly complexity". Herbert Simon
Keywords : Reductionism - pattern of organisation - water freezing point - phase transition: this abrupt change in state involves no alteration of the molecules themselves, but rather a transformation in the subtle organisation of the network of their interactions - networks - interaction - architecture of networks

pg 18
Keywords: complexity - complexity theory - laws of form - organisation - small worlds - Plato - Kant - architecture of networks - patterns - intelligence

pg 48

KEYWORDS: SMALL WORLDS - SYNCHRONY - general organising tendency in nature - geometrical character of the social world - the strength of weak ties - mathematical networks - order and randomness in one network - small world networks -synchronisation puzzle - global organisation - computation - signals, counter-signals and counter-countersignals - computational design, small world architecture - small world geometry